The Atlantic Philanthropies Grant: How Nonprofits Can Secure This Valuable Funding

November 26, 2023

As a nonprofit organization, securing funding to support your critical programs and services is essential to achieving your mission. One potential source of funding to explore is The Atlantic Philanthropies, an international foundation that provides grants to nonprofits working to advance opportunity, equity and human dignity. Established in 1982, The Atlantic Philanthropies has awarded over $8 billion in grants. While the foundation will cease making new grants at the end of 2020, existing grantees will continue to receive support. If your nonprofit’s mission and work align with The Atlantic Philanthropies’ funding priorities before their grantmaking ends, now is the time to prepare a compelling proposal. This article provides an overview of who qualifies for their grants, what they fund, and how to apply to position your nonprofit for success in securing this valuable funding. With the right planning and presentation, your organization could gain a committed partner and generous benefactor in The Atlantic Philanthropies.

The Atlantic Philanthropies Grant

Overview of the Atlantic Philanthropies Grant Program

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for an Atlantic Philanthropies grant, nonprofits must meet several criteria. Organizations must have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status and serve disadvantaged or marginalized groups. Atlantic focuses on nonprofits dedicated to aging, children and youth, health, and human rights in Australia, Bermuda, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, South Africa, the United States, and Vietnam.

The Application Process

Applying for an Atlantic Philanthropies grant is a multi-step process:

  1. Review Atlantic’s guidelines to ensure your nonprofit and project align with funding priorities. Atlantic supports innovative interventions and reform efforts.
  2. Complete an online eligibility quiz and application. You will need details about your organization, mission, programs, budget, and the specific project for which you are requesting funding.
  3. If invited, participate in a video call with an Atlantic program director. Be prepared to discuss your organization’s work and impact, as well as project goals, activities, outcomes, timeline, budget, and evaluation plan in depth.
  4. Final grant recommendations are made by Atlantic’s Board of Directors. If approved, your organization will receive an award letter detailing the grant terms, requirements, and reporting schedule.
  5. Use the funding to carry out your project and submit progress reports on time. Continued funding depends on meeting agreed-upon milestones and impact metrics.

With strategic planning and a compelling application, nonprofits serving disadvantaged groups can secure support from The Atlantic Philanthropies to create meaningful change. But the process is rigorous, so do your homework and put your best foot forward. With a shared vision of empowering communities, Atlantic funding can help make your organization’s greatest ambitions a reality.

Eligibility Requirements for the Atlantic Philanthropies Grants

To be eligible for an Atlantic Philanthropies grant, your organization must meet several requirements. ###

First, your organization must be a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code or have a similar tax-exempt status in your country. Atlantic Philanthropies only provides funding to nonprofit organizations.

Second, your organization and programming must align with at least one of Atlantic Philanthropies’ four priority areas: aging, children & youth, human rights, and reconciliation & human security. Atlantic Philanthropies aims to make meaningful and lasting impacts in these fields.

Third, your organization must serve disadvantaged, marginalized or vulnerable groups. Atlantic Philanthropies strives to fund organizations that help people in need and create opportunities for those who may not otherwise have access.

Fourth, your organization must have sound financial and program management. Atlantic Philanthropies evaluates applicants on their governance, leadership, and ability to achieve program outcomes and impact. Only well-established organizations with transparent and accountable operations will be considered.

In summary, eligible organizations are high-performing nonprofits focused on Atlantic Philanthropies’ priority areas and populations. If your organization meets these criteria, you may have a strong chance of securing one of these impactful grants. By following the application guidelines carefully and submitting a thoughtful proposal, you can present your organization as an ideal candidate for funding. With diligent work, these valuable philanthropic dollars could be supporting your vital mission.

How to Apply for an Atlantic Philanthropies Grant: Tips and Strategies

To apply for an Atlantic Philanthropies grant, nonprofit organizations should follow these key steps:

Carefully Review Funding Guidelines

Atlantic Philanthropies provides grants in specific program areas, so thoroughly review their guidelines to ensure your organization and project align with their priorities. Meet all eligibility criteria regarding location, organizational budget, and project objectives. Atlantic Philanthropies focuses on disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, so demonstrate how your work will benefit these populations.

Cultivate Relationships

Build connections with Atlantic Philanthropies staff to better understand their interests and open doors for future funding opportunities. Attend informational webinars, sign up for email newsletters, and network at relevant industry events. While relationships alone do not guarantee funding, familiarity with funders can provide advantages.

Submit a Letter of Intent

If invited, submit a letter of intent outlining your project concept, activities, outcomes, and budget. This allows Atlantic Philanthropies to evaluate if a full proposal should be requested. Keep the letter concise at 3 pages or less. Explain how the project addresses urgent social problems and complements Atlantic Philanthropies’ objectives.

Develop a Strong Proposal

If asked to submit a full proposal, follow all guidelines carefully regarding format, content, and budget requirements. Emphasize your project’s potential for meaningful, long-term impact and include a realistic evaluation plan. Discuss partnerships with other groups to demonstrate collaboration. Explain capacity to properly manage funds and achieve proposed outcomes. Request an amount appropriate for your organization and project scope.

Be Flexible and Responsive

The review process may involve follow-up questions or requests for revisions to your proposal. Provide a quick turnaround on any additional information requested. Be open to negotiating the project scope, budget, evaluation methods, and reporting requirements. While staying true to your mission, accommodate the funder’s feedback as much as possible to increase the likelihood of approval.

With thorough preparation, relationship-building, and a high-quality proposal tailored to Atlantic Philanthropies’ interests, nonprofits have a strong chance of securing this valuable funding. Staying actively engaged and flexible throughout the process will maximize your opportunity for success.

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The Atlantic Philanthropies grant provides an invaluable opportunity for nonprofits to secure funding to further their mission and make a meaningful impact. By following the guidelines and tips discussed, organizations have the best chance of crafting a compelling proposal that resonates with the foundation’s philanthropic goals. With the grant application window closing soon, now is the time to put thoughts into action. Do your research, build key partnerships, develop a strategic vision and budget, and convey your passion for the cause. While the process requires effort and patience, the potential rewards of receiving funding from The Atlantic Philanthropies are well worth the work. Every small step taken now helps to shape a better future. Though the road ahead remains long, together we can achieve great things.


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