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(i)Rent Rates & Taxes.
(ii)Workforce Availability, (iii)Labor Skills & Costs.
(iv)Roads, Highways & Traffic Flow.
(v)Proximity to Airport, Railway Stations & Ports.
Markets & Local Environment Factors.

(ii) Receiving: operations that involve the assignment of trucks to docks, the scheduling and execution of unloading activities.

(ii) Storing: material’s movement from unloading area to its designated place in inventory.

(iii) Order Picking: the process of obtaining the right amount of the right products for a set of customer orders. This is the main and the most labour- intensive activity of warehouses

(iv) Shipping: execution of packing and truck’s loading after picking, involving also the assignment of trucks to docks

(v) Delivery: the transit time for transportation from the warehouse to the customer.


(i) By chatting with unknown people
(ii) By sending and receiving pornography
(iii) By using bad language for e-marketing
(iv) By holding personal information
(v) By changing the internet address
(vi) By changing the voice of mode while chatting

(i) It reduces the cost of advertisement to Ajax Ltd
(ii) It helps the company to track the rate of return on their investment
(iii) It helps to reach many customers at the same time
(iv) It enables Ajax Ltd to perosnalize messages effectively
(v) It helps the company to know the number of their customers effectively


(i)Marketing planning provides direction for all organization marketing effort
(ii)Marketing planning help organization to raise finance for capital expenditure.
(iii)Marketing planning prevents time wasting on ineffectual marketing activities.
(iv)It save money by helping to ensure that the marketing budget is spent effectively
(v)It helps to identify. prerequisites to planned activities.

The organization formed by Mrs Janet with other dry fish sellers is World Trade Organization (WTO)

(i)overseeing trade agreement
(ii)Reducing trade barriers
(iii)Reducing worldwide tariffs
(iv)Mediating dispute


(i)Derived Demand.
(ii)Organizational buying is based on derived demand.
(iii)Geographical Concentration.
(iv)Few Buyers And Large Volume.

(i)Industrial Goods Marketing; The industrial market consists largely of companies transacting business in hard goods such as machinery, materials, chemicals, vehicles and office furniture and supplies. The buyers are often manufacturers; the sellers are known as suppliers.

(ii)Professional Services; Marketing Another subset of B2B is professional services, which consists of providing consulting or delivery of business needs such as marketing, information technology, human resources, benefits planning, management consulting and payroll.

(iii)Government Supplier; Contracts Working with governments provides a variety of opportunities and challenges. A contract with a municipal, state or federal agency means having a solid client that will honor its obligations and pay you on time.





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