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(i) they have both have two eyes
(ii) they both have mouth
(iii) they both have spiny fins
(iv) they both have gills
(v) they both have a tail fin

-Specimen A-
(i) it has barbels
(ii) it does not have scales
(iii) it has a big head compared to the body size
(iv) it has a continuous lateral line
(v) the dorsal fin is rayed

-Specimen B-
(i) it does not have barbels
(ii) it has scales
(iii) it has a small head compared to the body size
(iv) it has discontinuous lateral lines
(v) the dorsal fin is spiny

(i) relatively high fecundity
(ii) ability for artificial spawning
(iii) adaptability to earthen ponds for culture
(iv) high tolerance to low dissolved oxygen
(v) relatively high resistance against infectious diseases


(i) Specimen D
(ii) Specimen E

(i) Specimen C
(ii) Specimen F

(i) Specimen listed as Passive gears are stationary gears that are not moved while ctive gears are moved or thrown.
(ii) Using passive gears, the capture of fish is generally based on movement of the target species towards the gear while with active gears capture is generally based on an aimed chase of the target species

Specimen C catches more number of fishes than specimen F

Specimen C
(i) Net (ropes)
(ii) Floats

Specimen E
(i) Hook
(ii) Line

(i) Wash and dry specimen F after use
(ii) Repair torn parts before using

(i) Steel rod
(ii) Welded mesh


3b and 3d corrected

(i)Fish Grading.
(ii)Fish Scale Removing.
(iii)Fish Cleaning.
(iv)Fish Cutting.
(v)Slime Removal.
(vi)Fish Smoking.

(i) Scaling
(ii) Gutting
(iii) Slicing of fishes
(iv) Gilling

(i) Charcoal to scads decreases fat accumulation in the abdomen of the fish and reduces the relative ratios of body weight to liver weight, thus raising their meat content, the FRI stated.
(ii) To roast fees for fish to feed on

(i)Used as fuel and roasting
(ii)Use in smoking fishes as food

(i) They are used for drying fishes
(ii) It can be used for selection of fishes during harvesting
(iii) They are used in smoking of fishes
(iv) It gives the gear flexibility and a certain amount of stretch.


(i)by Canning
(ii)by Frying
(iii)by Freezing

(i)it is use in sea fishing
(ii)it is use in freshwater fishing
(iii)it is use in breeding

-specimen M-
(i)It can suspend the bait at a predetermined depth

-specimen N-
(i)Lead fishing sinker is a weight used to force a lure or bait to sink sometimes to the bottom of the waterway

(i)Drag out canoes
(ii)Flat bottom canoes
(iii)Motorised canoes

(ii)Shoe goo or Marine Goop
(iii)Small hardware
(iv)Fibreglass and Sandpaper:




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