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Pls Number (4ci) corrected And 4dii and 4e added. That’s All For now. See You All in maths.

A – Neck
B – Chest
C – Upper abdominal region of the body

A – It aids the odontoid process of the head
B – It aid the attachment of ribs
C – It bears majority of body weight


(i) Neural canal; It allows the passage of the spinal cord
(ii) Centrum; It is a solid piece of bone found below the neural canal
(iii) Transverse process; It aids the attachment of muscle and ligaments
(iv) Neural spine; The aids the attachment of muscles

A – 7
B – 12
C – 6

(i)Sacral vertebrae
(ii) Caudale vertebrae



= D
-Two observation-
(i) Gives greenish leaves
(ii) Gives a growing seedlings

Positive growth

= E
-Two observation-
(i) No growth observed
(ii) Wet soil

Negative growth

= F
-Two observation-
(i) No growth observed
(ii) Dey soil

Negative growth

= G
-Two observation-
(i) No growth observed
(ii) Extremely dry soil

Negative growth

E – Excess water
F – Depletion of soil nutrient
G – Absence of water or soil moisture

(i) Well ventilated soil
(ii) Good and rich in nutrient soil



L – Arthropoda
M – Arthropoda

L – Insecta
M – Insecta

(i)They have an exoskeleton or a hard, shell-like covering on the outside of its body.
(ii)Insects have three main body parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.
(iii)Insects have a pair of antennae on top of their heads.


= L
(i) It serves as vector of disease causing organisms
(ii) It bits organisms

= M
(i) It serves as an agent of pollination
(ii) It serves as food to some predators

(i)Controlled by Mosquito Traps
(ii)Controlled by Space sprays
(iii)Controlled by Mechanical Barriers
(iv)Controlled by
Vegetation Management.
(v)Controlled by outdoor measures.


(i) Smaller in size
(ii) A Pair of wings
(iii) Absence of hard hind wings
(iv) Absence of maxillary palp/maxilla
(iv) Absence of spines on legs

(i) Big in size
(ii) Two pairs of wings
(iii) Presence of hard hind wings
(iv) Presence of maxillary palp/maxilla
(v) Presence of spines on legs

(i) Possession of wings
(ii) Possession of antenna
(iii) They both flies
(iv) Possession of segmented body

L – Marshes
M – Grassland




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