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– It can be used in giving water to livestocks
– It can be used in giving feeds to livestocks
– It keeps animal feeds away from dirts
– It can be used in packing remains of livestocks
– It keeps animal water away from being contaminated

– It keeps feeds from contamination
– It keeps water from contamination

– It does not enable the livestocks to feed conveniently
– It stress the livestocks while drinking

This is used for measuring and monitoring temperature while brooding chicks

– For easy identification of livestock
– It is also used to identify year of birth

– Cattle
– Pig
– Rabbit


– Shell
– Foot

– It serve as food
– It serve as a source of protein
– It requires low start-up capital in rearing
– It is rich in therapeutic contents

– Beetles
– Mites
– Nematodes

– It serve as food for some farm animals
– It can be used as bedding material
– It can be used in farm animals building

– It is difficult to control when grown
– It can cause injury for farm animals



(i) Comb:
Comb is a small ice of meat above the chickens head
(ii) Ear Lobe:
The hanging skin from chicken ear is known as ear lobe. There are various colored ear lobe of chicken.
(iii) Wattle:
The soft meat hanging from the two side of chicken beak is known as wattle. It is also of various colored.
(iv) Beak:
Beak of chicken is on the front side of head. It is very strong and suitable to collect crop from the ground.

Specimen A is gotten after all the pods in a groundnut have been removed. After this, the remaining parts is then dried.

(i)Specimen A brings about fattening in farm animals
(ii)It aids the growth and development of farm animals
(iii)It boost the immune system of farm animals

(i)Sowing seed
(ii)Vegetative propagation

(i)Hay making

(i)It can be used for marking animals
(ii)It can be used for cutting hay for livestocks
(iii)It is also used for killing some farm animals
(iv)It can be used for castrating farm animals




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