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Pls Use This Number One(1) Below. And Ignore Number 2 pls.
(i) Rural-urban migration: this is the movement of people from rural areas such as village to urban

(ii) Rural-rural migration: this is the movement of people from one rural area to another rural area

(iii) International migration: this is movement of people from one country to another

(i) it reduces population pressure on Agricultural land at the source region

(ii) it reduces population pressure on social amenities at the source region

(iii) it supplies migrant labour at the receiving region

(iv) it ensures the flow of capital to the receiving region

(i) it breeds social vices such as crime at the receiving region

(ii) it increases high cost of living at the receiving region

(iii) it leads to pressure on social amenities at the receiving region

(iv) it leads to the loss of able-bodied men and youth at the source region


(i) Brazil
(ii) China
(iii) India

(i) Leads
(ii) Rubber
(iii) Raw hides and skins

(i) Iron and steel
(ii) Electrical,electronic equipments

(i) Different factor endowments some economies are rich in natural resources while others have relatively little. Trade enables economies to specialise in the export of some resources and earn revenue to pay for imports of other goods.

(ii) Increased welfare specialisation (where countries have a comparative advantage see the next section for more detail on this) and trade allow countries to gain a higher level of consumption than they would do domestically and this leads to increased welfare and higher living standards.

(iii) To gain economies of scale with specialisation and production on a larger scale than may be possible domestically, a country may be able to gain more economies of scale. This will lead to lower average costs and benefit consumers through lower prices.

(iv) Diversity of choice trade enables us to access goods and services that we may not be able to produce ourselves.


In forest vegetation belt high rainfall gives rises to mangrove swampy in the south. High rainfall and temperature give rise to evergreen forest in the south.
Heavy rainfall gives rise or support the growth of tall trees like Iroko, obeche, Mahogany etc. It does not support the growth of grasses.
Heavy rainfall supports the growth of climbers, creepers etc.

(i) Provision of food
(ii) Provision of timber
(iii) Foreign exchange
(iv) Employment
(v) Raw materials for industries
(vi) Tourism and wildlife
(vii) Provision of fuel wood

(i)Peasants are households which derive their livelihoods partly from agriculture.

(ii)utilise mainly family labour in farm production, integrate household production

(iii)consumption activities and decisions, and are characterised by partial engagement in input and output markets which are often imperfect or incomplete

(i)Better Supervision:
Unlike in industry, the area of operation for a worker in agriculture is very large. Supervision of work always presents a problem. If the size of the farm is small, the owner himself can effectively supervise the work of the labourer and can also guide and direct him to do his job in a particular way.

(ii)More Employment:
In peasant farming there is generally a greater scope for employment on the farm, when compared with other farming systems.

(iii)Greater Productivity:
Productivity per acre on a farm under peasant farming is larger than on farms under other systems, when the farms generally happen to be larger in size. The main reason for this is the greater intensity of cropping which, in turn, is due to greater use of labour per acre on small farms when compared with that on a larger farm.


Climate and vegetation
The climate of this region is mainly the sub-equatorial climate with high rainfall of over 300cm throughout the year with double maxima. It has low temperature of 21°C due to the nearness to sea and the effects of south-west winds. The vegetation is that of tropical rainforest with tall evergreen trees.

It includes:
(i) Farming which leads to production of food and cash crop like rubber, oil palm etc

(ii) Fishing due to the presence of rivers and oceans

(iii) Lumbering due to presence of economic trees( timber)

(iv) Mining due to presence of limestone and petroleum

(i) Transport is very poor owing to presence of many rivers and swamps
(ii) Soil erosion due to heavy rainfall
(iii) Water and land pollution due to mining of petroleum
(iv) Problems of farming and fishing created by oil spillage

(i) Construction of flyovers
(ii) Avoidance of pollution
(iii) Control of soil erosion







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